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Diablo's source code has been reverse engineered

Posted in GamingToday

Published 3 hours ago

Many gamers have been waiting for Blizzard to announce a new Diablo game for many years, but despite the lack of official activity, the modding scene for the series is alive and well thanks it's very enthusiastic fanbase. This has culimated with modder / "hacker" Galaxyhaxz this past week managing to reverse engineer the source code for the original Dia...

PUBG's new map, 'Sanhok' is coming June 22nd, along with some major UI changes!

Posted in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Published 1 day ago

PUBG's new map, "Sanhok" is coming June 22nd, along with some major UI changes! June 22nd is when our favourite new byte sized map drops to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, and the PUBG Corp have released this beautiful trailer for it, in case you've not yet seen it on Twitch, YouTube, GameFront or anywhere else! What else is new?! Well, along...

The new tool that can mod Nintendo Switch games

Posted in GamingToday

Published 2 days ago

There's a new tool that has been released by the Switch hacking community this past week, and the brand new program, LayeredFS, allows modders to replace things such a models and sprites within Switch games, as well as manipulate text to allow other types of modding. Now, before you run off to find this tool and download it, a word to the wise;  th...

Half Life 2 Beta Exploration!

Posted in Half-Life 2

Published 3 days ago

I take an in-depth look at Half Life 2 beta and see how it compares to the final version, as well as finding some secrets, before moving on to take a look at some test levels, before finally finding The Borealis! ~

The Forgotten City Skyrim Mod becomes a Full Game

Posted in GamingToday

Published 3 days ago

The Forgotten City is a very well known mod for Skyrim, and you may recall we reported some time ago that it became the first mod in history to win a Writers' Guild Award at Australia's AWGIE awards in 2016. It had it's first release back in 2015, and the mod is a spectacular piece of work, with incredibly good writing, solidly put together environments, and...