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Soldier of Fortune Chewbacca and Sub-zero skins updated

The author of the Sub-zero and the Chewbacca skins sent me a little update. They now include a little description that you'll see in-game. So in case you downloaded one of those skins before the time of this posting, download 'em again if you want. It's no more than 50 kb! - Download Chewbacca - Download Sub-zero


Soldier of Fortune 6 NEW Maps coming up!

Just wanted to let you know that this morning I found 6 maps in my lil' mailbox. So, well, I'll be adding those in the coming hour. Please know that I'm sick right now so know that updates from me WILL be slow while snot dripps on my keyboard (yuck!) :) Anyways, 6 maps that is, so come back in 2 hours or so! - Pro-Filer


Soldier of Fortune Operation Overloard Interview

InTheTrenches has done an interview with OperationOverloard. Operation Overlord is leaning towards a more World War 2 influenced experience. I can't tell the public everything about our progress and plans, but I can say that our mod will bring something new to the community. Sounds good!


Soldier of Fortune SoF-Fortress Interview

The guys over at FortressCenter have done an interview with Saint Proverbius from SoFFortress. We're moving away from all the generic TF CTF maps and moving more towards things such as attacking bases, stealing plans, wrecking computers, etc. Sounds awesome, also there are some exclusive screenshots included with the interview.


Soldier of Fortune New SoF-Fortress Shots

SoFCenter has posted two exclusive shots of SoF-Fortress. The two shots are from the map "The Zone". I cant wait till some good mods come out for SOF!


Soldier of Fortune New Member: Me!

Hello, I am ¤§ïѤ and you may know me from SoFCenter or my own clan site. I am now a new staff member at SoFFiles. As in SoFCenter , I will be bringing everyone here at SoFFiles their coffee as well as posting news, files and just being the all around SOF guy. I look forward to working here at SoFFiles and if you ever have any questions/comments feel...


Soldier of Fortune Top 50 Soldier of Fortune website opens!

Hey Folks, just want to announce: I've opened this site for Soldier of Fortune sites who could use some visitors. Anybody can join as long as it's SoF-related. So Clan sites are welcome as well. So incase you didn't figure out what SoF50 is, it's the a listing of the Top 50 Soldier of Fortune related web sites on the net. We got plenty of...


Soldier of Fortune More than 2,000 visitors a day! Thanks!

I just installed this real simple counter a couple of days ago and I'm happy to conclude that we get a healthy 2,000 visitors a day! Well, just wanted to say thanks to all of our daily visitors and to everybody else aswell! This include all the other fine SoF sites out there! We might be the best one concerning files but the folks over at PlanetSoldier an...


Soldier of Fortune more than 52,000 downloads!

Well, I was just fooling around with the database and decided to figure out the total download of all our files. I was quite amazed to see it was at: 52,181 At this very moment, we have new downloads every freakin' minute tho! So, well, just thought I'd share that with you fine folks, we couldn't have done it without you guys! And we'll keep on g...


Soldier of Fortune Please welcome Clan [SWAT]

I'd like to welcome clan SWAT to the community! Clan SWAT currently has 3 members and I bet they could use some more, so if you got the balls and you're looking for a clan visit: And if you're not looking for a clan, challenge them for a war or so! Well, just check the site out anyways, it's not bad at all! Oh...


Soldier of Fortune Watch yourself, on your own pc, eh?

A rather strange header I thought up for this, but I had no idea how to bring it, so, well, I'll just quote from the e-mail that Jesus sent me (yes I know that sounds funny, but Jesus has internet too obviously ;) If you want to see your skin in action here is how to do it: First of all this only works on high end machines and might not work on a crappy gr...


Soldier of Fortune Beginner's guide to Skinning!

Those great folks over at the Skinlab have released a very, very, very good tutorial for people who don't know anything about making their own skin. Grab it here and get skinning! A thousands thanks to the Skinlab for putting out such a fine tutorial! P.S. Thanks Hive!


Soldier of Fortune Exciting map: Fortress

Copilot just finished his third map called Fortress. I must say the map looks very cool and it's very well constructed, so grab it here. Note though that because of the size inside of this map and the colorfulness it's slower than darker maps, like the ones that intruder builds. So like we all know: You can't get it all!


Soldier of Fortune Max Files not on

SoFOperations reports that Raven's Gil Gribb just released the entire set of MaxFiles for SoF. "Then why don't you put it on, isn't that what you do for a living?" Nope, I'm still going to school. (oh, well, the reason I don't mirror it is that it's simply to big, it's a waste of hard drive space since these files will only be used by l...


Soldier of Fortune Ping lowerer = NOT zero ping

Just a little explanation here. After Gregg / Intruder, author of the autoexec.cfg that really lowers your ping, got an E-mail from some dude who wasn't sure if he should download the file, since he thought it was the same as "Zero Ping" which appears to be a program for Unreal Tournament that totally messed up the online performance, well, here's the E-mail...