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Soldier of Fortune Custom Map & Skin server

As we reported earlier there is a server around dedicated for Custom Maps and skins. They now have a homepage over at PlanetSoF. Go check it out now and play, I'll be there 5 minutes after this posting as it is the server that gives me the lowest ping I ever have, which is 367 on average. Don't worry, it's a real fast server, it's just the phonelines i...


Soldier of Fortune New Poll up

In case you haven't noticed yet, there's a new poll up and running. It's on the front page, so click your browser's back button or click here.


Soldier of Fortune Search Function finally working

We finally got the search "engine" up here at Try it here.


Soldier of Fortune Fragstation Map updated

Gregg / Intruder, the maker of the Fragstation map just sent us an updated version of his map. No big changes, just a little bugfix so it will also work on servers that have rockets enabled. There was a little bug that made the map fail when trying to run it on a server with the rocketlaucher enabled. Everybody must re-download if you ever want to play...


Soldier of Fortune Violent Trends?!?!?!

3D action planet has put out an article entitled "Violent Trends". The article takes a look at the violence in current video games. It also talks a great deal about Soldier of Fortune and has several quotes from Kenn Hoekstra about violence in games. Here's a bit... Raven Software's Soldier of Fortune (SoF) stands out as "the most realistic, covert-operativ...


Soldier of Fortune 2 New Sites

2 new sites are in town. The first one is Skinbase. A dynamic site which allows people to upload their skins and they'll be approved and added the same day. Sounds like :) The second new page is Tactical Operations, the homepag of a new Mod. Check it out to see what the Mod is gonna be like.


Soldier of Fortune USA Mirror for up and running!

Good news from the front! I've just finished uploading over 350 Megs of SoF Files to our new server in Port Townsend, Washington, USA! (Took me more than 3 days with my crappy 56k modem, lol). The server is on 6 digital T1 lines. It will soon be upgraded to an OC3. So from now on, at the File Info page, you can choose between our "normal" download ser...


Soldier of Fortune Button and Banner

Oh yes, how could it be... another off-topic posting :) This time it's about the banner and button I just made, nothing fancy, just rip-off of our header that you can see at the top of this page. I don't have time to make a cool button I guess, but you shouldn't complain about this. Anyways, feel free to put it on your site. If you have a SoF Fan site,...


Soldier of Fortune

Since it's a rather slow news day for I'll let you in on what I'm currently doing: and will be the biggest database with SoF-related links. will be the home for a lot of SoFClans. In addition it will be the online battle arena for 'em. I'm talking ladders, match statistics, forums. B...


Soldier of Fortune Yep yep yep, it was down... AGAIN

Yes, was down again, for the second times in it's history. Same problem: Memory overload. Some script ren amok and the server admin decided to shut mysql down. Now it's up again and we're working on making the mysql (database and stuff) run 3 times faster. Hope it won't happen again, Sorry for the inconvenience! Jos "Pro-Filer"...


Soldier of Fortune New site opens: SoFCore

I'd like to welcome yet another SoF site to the community: SoFCore SoFCore wants to keep a database with all the Skins and Maps for SoF there are (hmm... just like us!). In addition, they also have a combat items guide, a discussion forum and a weapons guide (not fully finished). Go now!


Soldier of Fortune Tons 'o skins to be added

I've been playing online somewhat lately and gathered about 6 skins. The reason why I haven't posted these skins yet is because I don't know who the author is. So, if you made a skin for SoF and you're reading this, fire off an E-mail to me. Another reason is time. I've been very freakin' busy with school lately and had absolutely no time to add skins. Th...


Soldier of Fortune Operation Overlord (Mod) development team chat

There will be a chat with the Operation Overlord team held Friday May 5th, 2000 at 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST, etc. It will be in the Chat Room We'll try to remind you on friday :)


Soldier of Fortune New Mod in town; Eternx

Modcentral announces a new mod called Eternx. A Medieval/Fantasy mod. 3 classes, 20(!) new weapons. Pictures of the new weaponmodels can be found at Modcentral. Click here for the official Eternx website. It has all the information you want.


Soldier of Fortune SoF for the Dreamcast

Fresh from the press comes the announcement that SoF will be ported to the Sega Dreamcast. Multiplayer support has been confirmed. Uncertain, however, is whether PC users will be able to kick DC users their asses in an online battle! Thanks go out to Stomped @ E3.