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Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force O.T Star Trek: Bridge Commander Board Open

Little off topic, but i got an e-mail today telling me of an un-official BC Board. You can post anything you want about Bridge Commander, activitions latest game in development by Totally Games. You can even post your ideas and views on the game so far. Get over there then, what are you waiting for¿ Bridge Commander Un-Offcial Board Thanks,...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Loads Of Updates!

Just look at all of them :) PLUS, i hav'nt even looked at any models that people have released yet, so even more good files on the way. Also i want a thank you off every single person who visits this site, please. Just post a news comment and say thanks :) Thanks, EF-Filer Manager


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force No Pics For New Skins??

Well as i have been uploading loads of files i knew it would take time taking pics of all the skins, so i have released them now without the pics. But i will however take pics of the skins later today, then put them on the site! Ok. Thanks, EF-Filer EliteForceFiles Site Manager


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Some StarTrek Gaming news

Hello, Im the new helper at and As some of you heard... Star Trek:Starfleet Command Vol 2 is GOLD!!!!!! yup... now lets open our sleeping bags and sleep next to the store :)


Soldier of Fortune WERE BACCCKKK!!!

Well hot diggity damn! Where the *$%^ has SoFFiles been? Well its a looongg story (well not that long haha), but basically some company tried to screw us so we sent John Mullins in to take "care" of things, and now where back online better then ever! We wont haveto worry about bullshit survice anymore, and you can keep depending on us for all your file ne...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force FILES!!FILES!!!FILES!!

We got loads of them on the way! I'm currently uploading loads of files for you to try out! Once i have all of them uploaded i will then start to release them on the site, which will be cool as there will be to many to count :) Hope you like all the new files, once released, EF-Filer Manager


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Is Back!

...and this time we are staying, for good! There are loads of updates on the way and i will be spending alot of time updating it with all the files we have missed and to the latest files. As you would have noticed, i'm new here. Biessman left and now i'm the new site manager. I'm looking forward to giving YOU, the people, all the latest files. A...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force No news like bad news.......

But in this case it's good news! I'm updating the site all night (losing 6 hours sleep cuz of you lot :p I will be adding loads of files for effiles (hey that rymes) so be greatful i'm not sleeping :) Hope you like all the new files for effiles *i couldnt resist) Biessman Out & About (hey so does that) :)


Soldier of Fortune Please welcome SoF Map Archives is proud to host SoF Map Archives located at I'd love to give my personal opinion on this great site but the description theocide, the author of the site gave me completely says it all and I fully agree with it: Soldier of Fortune Map Archives or SoFMA, is, pretty much, what it says - a map archive. We update often;...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force New Star Trek Board (EF Included)

Hey, bit of kewl news. I've just opened my Star Trek board yesterday and we already have nearly 20 members. So go over there and post anything on the star trek universe or your bad day you just had :p Want the link, enjoy. Bleh boards gives you, The Star Trek Board


Soldier of Fortune SoF Single Player Addon Soon!

Turbo has emailed me with the following news: Hi there Just want to inform you of our new project "Where Eagles Dare". Its a single Player Add-On for "Soldier of Fortune" and based on the popular Action Movie with Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton. turbo - ProjectLeader VALHALLA Games Wow I cant wait! He also sent me some AWESOME pics, so here th...


Soldier of Fortune Servers back up for the UK!

Freaked was nice enough to email me with info about 4 main UK servers being back up after having problems with the new GOLD patch: Having lost our servers due to a bug in the Gold code we are happy to announce that we have 4 servers back up for people to play on here in the UK. To get round the bug in the code we have had to make them private as such, b...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force OT: Millennium Project Released

Well if you are an Armada fan, the Ultimate MOD for armada has just been released. Millennium Project has been in the works now for 7 months and is worth all the time it has taken. Want the link? here it is :) Millennium Project ENJOY


Soldier of Fortune No multiplayer for SOF dreamcast

Yep its true.... :( theres ganna be no Multiplayer at the dreamcast for Soldier of a url url too see what happend with Sof!! in the Dreamcast.


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Updates are coming!!

I'm updating the site as i write this out, sorry there has'nt been any i was flooded, lol. Anyway files are coming your way :) Biessman