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Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Where the hell was

Hey Folks, Man, you've all noticed it,,,,, and it's subdomains, and a few other sites have been down for almost 28 hours. First off, I would like to apologize for all this, it really sucks for all of you and all of us. Let me explain what the situation is: A lot of y...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Elite Force Tools Released

Hey you modders! Good news, Tools for EF released today. Following tools included:~ ~EF Radiant(make your very own maps) ~Real Scritps (lets make someone jump off a cliff) ~MD3 View (program look at your models) ~ShaderED (make you maps look relistic as possible with this tool) Go to the file section to get the file. Enjoy


Soldier of Fortune site OPEN!!

Well what can I say? The network is expanding, and it brings tears to my eyes....*drip drip*. is now open and ready for business! If your a EliteForce fan you have got to bookmark it, and visit it regularly for all the up-to-date files! Here is a little bit of info: After the success of, it's now up to EliteFor...


Soldier of Fortune SoF GOLD release date?

Curtis & Jill have informed yet again of something Jake let them know: We here are hoping it will be on the website just after the weekend, but that's not gospel or anything. Jake Simpson Notice that he said HOPING and its NOT for sure, so if it dosnt come out then, DO NOT email him bitching about it. Thx Chris & Jill!


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Interview With James Monroe

Over at Raven they have posted a interview with James Monroe, the subject being capture that flag. They talk about team play and communication between you and the AI. They even talk about when the tools are likely to come out so people can start making there own mods. Go here to take a look Her...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Welcome To Elite Force Files

Hi and welcome to Elite Force! Here you can keep up-to-date with EVERY Elite Force file ever released. There are loads of sections ranging from Maps,Skins,Levels,Scripts etc. The site will be updated EVERY day with me (Biessman) updating it when ever a file is released, so remember where to come for all the latest EF files. Also a huge...


Soldier of Fortune More SoF GOLD news...

Curtis & Jill have informed me of some more SoF GOLD info from Jake Simpson: It's not up to us when it goes up on the website.(SoF Gold) It's up to Activision. We are owned by them, and it's their call. Hence the factors. Plus, we have to build the patch - we have to build the upgrade path, plus the new resources .pak file with only the new assets inside,...


Soldier of Fortune SoF Gold info & What comes after SoF Gold?

Rick Johnson just posted some info about the SoF Gold patch and some info on what will come out after that, here it is: I'm not sure when we will be releasing the patch (which is about 28 megs, upgrades any prior version you have (except warez)), though I've been trying to get a solid date for release. As soon as I know, I'll post something. Also, later...


Soldier of Fortune SoF Gold features for those who missed it

For a complete list of features, fixes, etc. of the upcoming SoF Gold patch, click here. Enjoy!


Soldier of Fortune SoF Gold / 1.06 Patch willl be around 28,2 Megs

Just got word from Raven that the SoF Gold download will weigh in around 28,2 MB. It won't be out for a while, but it's definately coming at some point, just can't tell when. Of course this download is for legitimate owners of SoF only! :)


Soldier of Fortune Anti-Won Petition

Mx62 has informed me of a Anti-Won Petition going on. If you believe that WON should not be included with SoF, head here and sign up! Thx Mx62


Soldier of Fortune Hostile Intent Release 1!

GT-73 has informed me of the new Hostile Intent Release 1. Since he was so informative, ill let him do the talking :) Features new to this version: - Improved armor behavior - Death messages removed - Wall bullet penetration improved - Realstic damage always set on - Spinning weapons always set off - Decreased movescale - Scoreboard only shows cor...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Elite Force dedicated or listen server setup guide!

The folks from ZEROPING have posted a Star Trek: Elite Force server setup overview. This will give instructions on how you can set up your very own dedicated or listen server for Elite Force. Remember!!! You should have at least a cable modem to host a public server. Click here to read this article / guide.


Soldier of Fortune Aaargh, server was down again / 3 new maps today

Hey, In case you haven't noticed, our server has been down for almost 20 hours, I'm not sure yet what caused it but I'll definately found out. Anyways Osino will have 3 new maps for you today, he was supposed to post 'em yesterday but of course he couldn't cuz the server was down :( Sorry for the inconvenience, - Jos


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Warning! Elite Force CDKEY snatchers

Bizare first post, i know. But important! Today i received an email, supposedly from Activision/Gamespy, telling me there are problems with my cdkey and i should send it to them. Obvisouly this is a hoax, but i've found people who believed this. So please, do NOT give your cdkey to anyone! Spread the word around.