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Soldier of Fortune SoF Cosmo Review

COSMO 3D has done a review of SoF. The game core runs an enhanced version of the famous Quake II engine, and it doesn't at all look bad. The details are astonishing, the controls are very smooth and easy to use. Raven has made quite a few wonders with the engine, including great charachter modelling and animation. All this does really contribute to the ov...


Soldier of Fortune Departed, a map in memory of Tyler Durden

Intruder was so cool to make a map in memorium of Tyler Durden (read here). So just go here to download it and to see what Intruder has to say about Tyler.


Soldier of Fortune Operation Overloard Job Openings

OperationOverlord is looking for four to five mappers to join there mod team. If you think your up for it head to there site and email them with any screenshots/maps you have.


Soldier of Fortune Unfortunate Death...

Some bad news today for the SoF Community. Tyler Durden was a British SoF player who died of a brain haemorrhage in a car accident this weekend. He was a good member of the SoF Commnunity participating in Soldiers of Wireplay. SoFFiles sends all its condolences to Tyler and his family.


Soldier of Fortune SoFCenter Designer Diary/ PSoF Flash Trailer

SoFCenter has posted it's twelfth installment of their Designer's Diary. Keith talks about some interesting stuff about SoF's hit detection system (from a request). Once we've determined what exactly has been hit, we go through some damage-handling code to figure out what limbs to sever, how much blood to send flying into the air, etc. If a bolt-on was hit...


Soldier of Fortune Making Custom Skins work: EVERYBODY must read! :)

Are you having problems with making thos custom skins appear in your game? Well, grab this nifty lil' program made by Magic Interface from Modcentral. Here's what the maker of this little utility says: I made this prog because I thought that, if everyone started making skins, users would have to manually add them to the GPL file. Well, not anymore. Well...


Soldier of Fortune New SoF Mod!

If your a Kingpin fan, you may recognize the word Atrophy. Atrophy is a server side mod group who have made popular mods as Hitman, and Bodyguard. Yada Yada, whats the good news you say? Well Atrophy has decided to extend their work to SoF! Thats right, PlanetSoldier is hosting the new server side mod group, and they can be found here. Good to know more...


Soldier of Fortune Glorious Gore

I just came across a site from a clan called X Mercenaries and noticed their kick-ass Flash intro. It "shows off" SoF's gore level and also shows what happens after the X Mercenaries drop by :) Well, just check it out at


Soldier of Fortune ET/BT @

Please welcome clan ET/BT to our ever-expanding list of hosted sites over at Even tho there's nothing to be found YET at we're always looking for clans to host! So anyways, visit the ET/BT clan page here and challenge them for a war or so. Oh and P.S. "You wish you were in this clan!" (quoted, hehe) Well actually it looks l...


Soldier of Fortune Chewbacca and Sub-zero skins updated

The author of the Sub-zero and the Chewbacca skins sent me a little update. They now include a little description that you'll see in-game. So in case you downloaded one of those skins before the time of this posting, download 'em again if you want. It's no more than 50 kb! - Download Chewbacca - Download Sub-zero


Soldier of Fortune 6 NEW Maps coming up!

Just wanted to let you know that this morning I found 6 maps in my lil' mailbox. So, well, I'll be adding those in the coming hour. Please know that I'm sick right now so know that updates from me WILL be slow while snot dripps on my keyboard (yuck!) :) Anyways, 6 maps that is, so come back in 2 hours or so! - Pro-Filer


Soldier of Fortune Operation Overloard Interview

InTheTrenches has done an interview with OperationOverloard. Operation Overlord is leaning towards a more World War 2 influenced experience. I can't tell the public everything about our progress and plans, but I can say that our mod will bring something new to the community. Sounds good!


Soldier of Fortune SoF-Fortress Interview

The guys over at FortressCenter have done an interview with Saint Proverbius from SoFFortress. We're moving away from all the generic TF CTF maps and moving more towards things such as attacking bases, stealing plans, wrecking computers, etc. Sounds awesome, also there are some exclusive screenshots included with the interview.


Soldier of Fortune New SoF-Fortress Shots

SoFCenter has posted two exclusive shots of SoF-Fortress. The two shots are from the map "The Zone". I cant wait till some good mods come out for SOF!


Soldier of Fortune New Member: Me!

Hello, I am ¤§ïѤ and you may know me from SoFCenter or my own clan site. I am now a new staff member at SoFFiles. As in SoFCenter , I will be bringing everyone here at SoFFiles their coffee as well as posting news, files and just being the all around SOF guy. I look forward to working here at SoFFiles and if you ever have any questions/comments feel...