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Soldier of Fortune New site opens: SoFCore

I'd like to welcome yet another SoF site to the community: SoFCore SoFCore wants to keep a database with all the Skins and Maps for SoF there are (hmm... just like us!). In addition, they also have a combat items guide, a discussion forum and a weapons guide (not fully finished). Go now!


Soldier of Fortune Tons 'o skins to be added

I've been playing online somewhat lately and gathered about 6 skins. The reason why I haven't posted these skins yet is because I don't know who the author is. So, if you made a skin for SoF and you're reading this, fire off an E-mail to me. Another reason is time. I've been very freakin' busy with school lately and had absolutely no time to add skins. Th...


Soldier of Fortune Operation Overlord (Mod) development team chat

There will be a chat with the Operation Overlord team held Friday May 5th, 2000 at 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST, etc. It will be in the Chat Room We'll try to remind you on friday :)


Soldier of Fortune New Mod in town; Eternx

Modcentral announces a new mod called Eternx. A Medieval/Fantasy mod. 3 classes, 20(!) new weapons. Pictures of the new weaponmodels can be found at Modcentral. Click here for the official Eternx website. It has all the information you want.


Soldier of Fortune SoF for the Dreamcast

Fresh from the press comes the announcement that SoF will be ported to the Sega Dreamcast. Multiplayer support has been confirmed. Uncertain, however, is whether PC users will be able to kick DC users their asses in an online battle! Thanks go out to Stomped @ E3.


Soldier of Fortune SoF Linux shots

The fine folks over at Loki Portal Page has smacked up 4 screenshots for the Linux version of Soldier of Fortune. The games is being ported by LokiGames.


Soldier of Fortune EAX and A3D Fixes

Kenn Hoekstra just sent along 2 fixes that quite a few people have been looking forward to: - EAX Fix - A3D Fix Installation instruction are included when you follow the above links. Thanks Kenn!


Soldier of Fortune Slow File day? Demo day!

Eh, yeah, I know this header is kinda weird, but since it seems to be a "no-new-files day" today, I thought I might as well draw some attention to one of my other sites called This site features the latest Game Demos for PC, Macintosh and Linux. So if you really can't live a day without downloading something :) I bet you can find something...


Soldier of Fortune Review @ GA-Source

GA-Source has smacked up a review for SoF, giving it a fine 91%, here's a snippet: While this game appears to be a straight FPS, its got some new elements that add to the gameplay. This game mixes some elements found in Thief, such as an audio-meter on the bottom of the screen, and an emphasis on stealth. While this is made more difficult due to the inclusi...


Soldier of Fortune Review @ FragLand

As the endless list of reviews actually seems to come to an end, FragLand might be one of the last ones to be added to our Reviews List Well, here's a snippet: The violence in this game is what makes it drive. You can shoot off limbs, arms or any other body part of your choice. You even get statistics after each level where you can see how many head shot...


Soldier of Fortune Operaton Overlord Mod, publically playable soon?

The Operation Overlord site has been updated with some information on when to expect a beta: Beta Test/Release Date News - we're another day closer to beta testing! That should be coming up hopefully soon. Our main release date factor will be considering when the v1.05 patch for Soldier of Fortune is released. We need the source to do some stuff first. I wo...


Soldier of Fortune Tutorials & Guides

SoF Operations has updated their site with a bunch of editing tutorials and guides for Soldier of Fortune, written in conjunction with some of the guys at Raven Software. Skinning Document - has been updated with the GPL solution (as it stands, though this is subject to change). Co-written by Raven's Gil Gribb. Bolt-On's tutorial - A tutorial on how to imp...


Soldier of Fortune Death Train Map updated

After Gregg, the maker of the "Death Train" map, got a lot of feedback telling him that his map was to dark, he decided to give it a quick overhaul. The results: A brighter map! So download it again, it's only 206 KB


Soldier of Fortune Welcome Clan S*T*A

Please give a warm welcome to clan S*T*A. Here's a little introduction by the clanleader himself: We are the clan they call {S*T*A} When we introduce ourselves it's quick and with a swift heavy hand. We've been keeping the body bag factories working overtime! You may walk in but soon you'll be on your back, being carried out, perhaps in pieces! We are v...


Soldier of Fortune Upcoming SoF Patch info

Planet Soldier has some more info on the upcoming Patch. Here's what Rick Johnson had to say: I will be taking next week off, but I will be bringing my work computer home and tinkering around with stuff. I've added the "pure" server option to the menus, just need to tie it all together. PocketSoft (the makers of RTPatch) have all of my assets and wil...