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Soldier of Fortune Games creating killers? No way...

Gamespot UK has a little arcticle about video games creating killers. What kind of twisted garbage is this? I don't believe Jeffery Dahmer played Quake, nor do I believe there are games that mimic what Jeffery Dahmer did. However, this arcticle is quite interesting. Could SoF really spawn a murderer? I wanna see it! I wanna see it!


Soldier of Fortune Free signed copy of SoF!

Over at, they're giving away a signed copy of Soldier of Fortune accompanied by some other little treasures. However, you can only participate in the contest if you live in the United States. Go get your free copy of SoF


Soldier of Fortune SoF walk-through taking shape... is starting to put together a walkthrough for the game. I believe a couple of the first locations are done. I don't really understand why a walkthrough for an FPS is needed, though I did find a few 'semi-hard' places in the game as I went through it. Go ahead and check it out if you are stuck.


Soldier of Fortune Raven Interview

NGNetwork interviewed Dan Kramer & Keith Fuller, two coders for Raven. It's a somewhat obscure but still in-depth conversation. Go on over to their website and check it out.


Soldier of Fortune SoF Joystick Support

Blue's News reported that at the Forums of there is a posting containing tips on getting a joystick up and running in SoF. Below is the main posting, click here to read the replies. OK, experimenting with a Logitech Extreme Digital 3D joystick I came up with a workable config. Make sure your joystick is properly configured in Windows...


Soldier of Fortune Kenn Hoekstra Interview

NGNetwork has slapped up an interview with Kenn Hoekstra. The interview focuses on the relationship between the developer and the public. Here's a little piece: NGNetwork: What are the elements of this more public approach to developing? What elements are hard to pull off or maintain over time? Kenn: Raven’s new bulletin board forums were a great start...


Soldier of Fortune SoF Cheats

After literally watching every single SoF site posting that SoFCenter updated their cheats section, I can't stay behind. So, check out SoFCenter's Cheats section for the most complete list of SoF cheats and all that stuff! Enjoy!


Soldier of Fortune Needs Staff is looking for a site manager with at least a cable modem and some spare time on their hands for as much as updated a day as possible. Are you this kind of person and you would like to work for Then fire off an E-mail to telling me a little bit about yourself and I'll send you the details.


Soldier of Fortune SoF wants you! is looking for news reporters. No html experience required so if you're gettin excited already :) fire off an E-mail telling me about yourself.


Soldier of Fortune SoF needs Site Manager

Funny isn't it? I've just opened this site half an hour ago (actually, at the time I write this it's not officiall open yet) and I'm already looking for staff. The reason for this is that I must continue my work on,,,, and many many others. I will still be working o...


Soldier of Fortune Welcome to (Must Read)

Welcome... to ... After skipping school today, I've worked my ass off to finish this site. And now, it's finally done. We're prepared to handle every single SoF File that will be coming out. So far, we have over 300 MB of Soldier of Fortune Files. More than any other SoF site of course! Let me tell you something about the site in short:...