HW and SW lighting REVIELED

Here's an article that shows the difference between hardware and software lighting in SoF. It also has a couple of screenshots to show you t...

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BFG Reviews SOF!

This review is pretty good, he explains some very interesting key features of the games and rates everything on a scale from 1 - 10 check th...

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Number 3 Best Selling Game (SOF)

I thought this chart was pretty interesting... SOF was the 3rd best selling game... check it out here. [quote]TOP 20 BEST SELLING ENTERTAIN...

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GamePig reviews SoF

Click here for Gamepigs review of Soldier of Fortune... I'm sure you will like it, I couldn't get the page to open.. maybe you can? hehe... ...

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Oxygen Tank SoF Review

A pretty interesting review *sneeze* on this kick-ass game! Check out the review here. P.S. And I really did sneeze. [quote]The always...

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SoF Giveaway!!!!!!

For all you cheap bastards that can't afford to buy the game, here is a little news you might enjoy... :) [quote]SoF Giveaway Win Games! ...

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LOD is hosted by SoFFiles.com

The Legion of Darkness, an elite SoF squad, is now being hosted by SoFFiles.com. LOD has been in the Delta Force/Delta Force 2 arena for 2 ...

0 24 years ago
Razor has sliced his way in!!!

Hello, my name is Razor. I'm the newest addition to the SoFFiles.com staff. I want to say thanks to Pro Filer for allowing me this opportu...

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The Juggle of Death

After the Review madness of the past 3 days, I've decided to actually read some of them :) While reading Old Man Murray's review I came accr...

0 24 years ago
Quantum 9 Reviews SoF

The fine folks over at Quantum 9 dropped me an E-mail saying they reviewed SoF, giving it a fine 8/10: [quote]If you haven't heard about it...

0 24 years ago
Brian Raffel and Kenn Hoekstra Get Their Brains Picked!

Soldier of Fortune.com has posted a two-part interview with two of the men responsible for delivering SoF to store shelves. Part One is the ...

0 24 years ago
Frag Magazine interviews Mullins!

Frag Magazine has an interview of John Mullins, the inspiration and military consultant for SoF. They're also giving out 20 free copies of S...

0 24 years ago
GameSurge SOF Review

GameSurge has posted a Review for SOF. I think its not the best review out there but you can give it a look. [quote]For starters, players i...

0 24 years ago
Gameplex Reviews SoF

Jovan of Gameplex just sended word of a review they wrote on SoF. Gameplex, Switzerland's biggest Online Gaming Magazine, has never given an...

0 24 years ago
SoF Full version cheats

Those wacko's over at SoFCenter.com wants y'all to know about the Full version cheats for SoF. And who doesn't wanna know about cheats? So I...

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