About GameFront

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About GameFront

GameFront has been offering up the best serving of video game culture since 1998, when it was originally known as I/O Error. Later, the service evolved into FileLeech, FileFront, and finally the name we are known by today. GameFront is a player and developer run community, that aims to give all gamers both old and new access to the gaming files that have shaped today's gaming industry. Re-launched in August 2018, GameFront.com joined the DBolical Network of sites including ModDB.com and IndieDB.com. Our aim for GameFront, is to be a community that enthusiasts, developers, and gamers turn to for finding and sharing files.

Our platform is open to all to contribute content in the quest for restoring the GameFront legacy and rebuilding a rich and expansive archive for everything gaming related. We're glad to be back.

The new GameFront site, launched in 2018, and restores all the classic GameFront content on an exciting new web platform. Developed from the ground up by members of the original FileFront team, with all the love and dedication to detail that made the original website such a huge success.

With over 120,000 gaming files spanning nearly two decades, our files library continues to grow, and with your help, GameFront can once again become a pillar of the modding community.

The GameFront Team

GameFront would not be possible without the great volunteers who make GameFront awesome. If you ever bump into them, be sure to buy them a beer:

Scott Reismanis - DBolical Founder

Scott has 10 years’ experience as a web engineer and entrepreneur, founding Desura a digital distribution app for PC games and DBolical, a network of community driven websites for game developers to collaborate and promote their work. Passionate about indie games and the web, Scott continues to participate in the communities he created at DBolical, which through ModDB.com and IndieDB.com reach over 5 million unique readers each month, positioning them among the most popular gaming sites in the world.


Jeff Mills - Product Manager

Jeff Mills has been working for GameFront since April of 2000 (most of his adult life!) working in a variety of different areas of the site but finally settling into the role of Community Manager, and now Product Manager. Jeff oversees and co-ordinates the GameFront product, and his wealth of experience means he is the perfect person to oversee the redevelopment of the brand and website. He also specializes in MMO coverage for the site.


James Heaney - Video Producer

James joined GameFront as part of the Youtube video team in 2012 after leaving Treyarch where he worked on Call of Duty: Black Ops. With over 15 years’ experience performing live comedy, James has used this skill to leverage the work he has does with GameFront to stand out from the crowd. While some may question the level of skill James possesses at gaming, no one can deny his wholehearted commitment to creating expert walkthroughs. James performs and teaches improv comedy at the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica California.


Danny King - Community Manager

A memeber of the GameFront community since 2002, Danny has volunteered as a forum moderator, administrator, and eventually rose to Network Administrator, overseeing the large network of FileFront game sites. He has since been involved in every area of the site, from managing content to designing graphics and front end web design. Currently his job, when not adding content to the ever growing database of games, is to relay information to and from the sites’ community through social media, our forums and managing the network of game portals we host.


Mikey Burton - Lead Developer

A long time FileFront veteran, Mikey is lead developer for GameFront. He is very talented in various web development frameworks, including PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, Node.JS. He undertook the phenomenally difficult task of merging our legacy databases, files and forums, and made them all work in a brand new, totally bespoke CMS. When he's not busy making GameFront the most awesome website in the world, he can often be found working on other big web projects for well known brands and institutions, and is a respected contributor to the Laravel project.