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Name Game Developer Filesize Downloads
Spec-Ops Sniper Rifle Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix [FeC] Tango* 108KB 5246
French Navy Spec Ops Operation Flashpoint WRW 1.23MB 587
Spec Ops Team Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix -=Z3r0 c001=- 1.63MB 3105
Spec - Ops Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix {TH}{GEN}KiLler 2.06MB 306
Springfield Spec Ops II Medal of Honor Leon 636KB 2712
Spec Ops Sniper Medal of Honor ReCoil || Factor 755KB 3303
"Spec Ops" for Mod Collection 1.2 Battlefield 1942 Recruit Snyder 5.93MB 2034
Spec Ops Scope Medal of Honor Ivan 344KB 1741
Spec-ops FAMAS Medal of Honor Lz 633KB 2340
Spec Ops Skins Medal of Honor Congo Daddy 345KB 656
Spec. Ops. Assault Rifle skin Halo: Combat Evolved Mobius288 65KB 1699
Spec. Ops Banshee Halo: Combat Evolved Zoxin0 886KB 194
Spec. Ops Hog Halo: Combat Evolved Zoxin0 1.22MB 205
Spec. Ops. Pistol Halo: Combat Evolved Zoxin0 493KB 100
Spec. Ops. Ghost Halo: Combat Evolved Zoxin0 1.54MB 44
Spec. Ops Cyborg Halo: Combat Evolved Zoxin0 1003KB 109
Spec. Ops. Plasma Pistol Halo: Combat Evolved Zoxin0 349KB 67
Spec. Ops. Flamethrower Halo: Combat Evolved Zoxin0 369KB 218
Spec. Ops. Needler Halo: Combat Evolved Zoxin0 501KB 70
MCC Spec-Ops Mod Battlefield 2 Mod - ModdersCentral 70.76MB 2190
Spec Ops Rebel Trooper Star Wars: Jedi Knight III - Jedi Academy Frogzilla 644KB 124
Spec ops skin v2.0 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mr Gimp 378KB 1678
Battlefield 2 Mod - Spec Ops Warfare v1.5 Extended Edition Battlefield 2 (DUPLICATE) Guest 1.38GB 941
Spec Ops Map Pack 1 Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour Guest 295KB 1924
flakriders Spec Ops Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Guest 528KB 3097