GDPR: Accessing Your Data & Delete Your Account

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GameFront and  DBolical Pty Ltd. is fully commited to compliance with GDPR laws and regulations, as well as data protection regulations in other contries. We believe you should have the right to access the data we hold on you, and have that data deleted from our systems.

As such, we have developed a section of your User Control Panel dedicated to this.

Downloading Your Personal Data

You can download and view all the information we hold on you, including all personally identifyable information, files, articles, comments and posts, from the Download My Data page.


This information will be downloaded to a JSON file which can be opened by most text editors or web browsers. It is a raw dump of all personally linked and identifyable information connected to your account.

Deleting Your Account & Personal Data

You can delete your account, and choose to delete selected or all personal information, files, and other data held about you from the following page;


Please note that this is the only mechanism by which you can delete your account. We will not delete accounts through support tickets or e-mail. This is to protect accounts. If you're not able to log into your account, then please contact us so that we can assist you in gaining access to the account. Remember, you can request a password reset to your account at any time.