I can't find my old video / file, do you still have it?

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When GameFront was closed down by Defy Media in 2016, we were only able to back up publicly indexed gaming files. This means if your file was a mod, map, skin, utility etc. that was uploaded to a game and category, then the file likely still exists within our systems.

However, the old GameFront also allowed "personal" file uploads, files that were not gaming related and that could be shared with anyone. These files were not indexed within the games and categories structure, and as such, could not be saved within the archiving process.

It is also the case that Defy Media's policy was to delete personal files after 90 days if they had not had any downloads in that time period, as such, a lot of these personal files were lost.

You are welcome to use the search function to find these files, but please do not open a ticket or ask us to recover any personal video files, etc. - If they aren't available via search, they are lost.

If you believe your file was indexed to a game and category, and is still missing, please let us know.