Where's my file? New site FAQ

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What has happened to the files I've uploaded over the past year (2017)?

Don't worry, this content is safe and sound. To explain, when DBolical purchased GameFront from Defy Media, they placed a copy of ModDB with a GameFront skin / logo up as the website, as it was felt that this was preferable to having no website at all.

This means that your content is safe and sound over at our sister site, http://www.moddb.com/

Any links to this content that point to the GameFront domain name will redirect you to the ModDB version of that file.

We're working hard to bring that content back over to the new GameFront system, and we will post more information once this work is completed.

Which old GameFront files are now available again?

We've entirely restored all the FileFront network subsites, and these are available now on our "Games" page.

We've restored as many of the old files as possible, over 100,000 infact, however, there are still gaps, these mostly relate to files hosting on the main GameFront site but not part of our game specific pages.

There are also some patches and demos which are not yet available.

We're still restoring many of these files, so they will slowly re-appear over the coming weeks.