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The Quicktime version of the Citadome Trailer to be modded for HL2

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The Quicktime version of the Citadome Trailer to be modded for HL2

*For the Windows Media Player version, please go here.

Game Story Since the dawn of time, mankind has attempted to play god. This story tells of such an attempt... This time however, they paid the ultimate price.

In 1967 a company called Giga Technologies was formed. It's founder Doctor Richard Grey had a dream, that dream was to produce a nano gene "codenamed LieLuth", that would stop the aging in humans. In a sense, to become immortal. Over the years Dr Grey had many breakthroughs in his research. His test rat, Nancy, was the first to try out the serum. Unfortunately it did not have an effect on her. So the next obvious test stage was human. However in 1997 at the age of 72 Dr Richard Grey, died of a heart attack. His son Shawn Grey took over Giga Technologies, and continued his fathers work.

In 2006 Dr Grey was ready to test Lieluth on a human subject.

A man by the name of Mark Harris, was the first and last. Once injected into the blood stream, the nano gene attacks a cell called MIRO. The MIRO cell is what causes the aging in humans. This cell splits and divides thousands of times a second, but dies off just as quick, which in turn steadies the aging process. There was a side effect however, the nano gene stopped the MIRO cell from dying, and in turn causing the aging cycle to increase 100 fold. Mark Harris died. His body aged 100 years in a single year.

Grey knowing his failure, he claimed bankruptcy and closed Giga Technologies. His last job was to destroy the remaining serum canisters. Shawn failed at achieving his fathers dream.

The truck that was transporting them to a disposal facility, got into an accident on the highway, causing the serum to spill out onto the road. The drainage system built into the highway led to the cities water supply.

Within a week the entire city population was infected. The government ordered a city lock down. No one was allowed in or out.

A year passed and the city grew quiet. . . . Every man, woman and child, had died.

There was an unforeseen problem with Lieluth. It was later discovered that it remains active for 150 years. The worst of it however, was that it somehow mutated into a form of mold. This mold was spreading, covering the cities structures.

The only way to contain it would be to encase the entire city. Lead architects from all over the world, came together to design the ultimate structure. After 3 months they came up with a DOME design. The reason for selecting such a structure was because of it's arch like, self supporting design. So the construction of Citadome began. 218 construction workers became infected, during it's construction, and died later that year.

The dome took 27 years to complete. Sealing away the disaster... Sealing away all of those poor souls...

126 years have passed and Citadome is now a government ran facility. However another problem has risen. Sensors inside the dome have picked up movement. Something is alive inside. Your job is to enter Citadome and find out what it is !

The question is. Will you and your team get out alive ?

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Half-Life 2

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